Propel Technology

Propel Technology

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What is Propel Technology?

Dr. Dorsch and the staff of his Kansas City, Cameron and Liberty orthodontic offices are all committed to helping you achieve that bright, healthy smile you deserve. Part of that commitment means keeping up with the latest proven technology and treatments that can accomplish that goal. One of those treatments is called Propel. Propel is a type of orthodontic acceleration called manual osteoperforation that involves creating tiny perforations in the the gums and jawbone to cause teeth to move into the desired place more quickly. You will find it available at all three of the Creekwood Orthodontics locations.

Propel can be used in both proactive and reactive cases for Dr. Dorch’s patients. Proactively, Propel can be added to standard orthodontic treatments such as braces or Invisalign to speed up the teeth straightening process. Reactively, orthodontists use Propel to help get stubborn teeth back on track when their movement slows down during orthodontic treatment that is already in place. In both cases, the procedure is pain-free and proven effective in clinical studies and in Dr. Dorch’s own experience.

How Does Propel Accelerate Orthodontic Treatment Work?

Propel works by allowing the body to use its natural reactions to force tooth movement. Instead of forcing the teeth to move by exerting pressure on them from the outside using brackets, wires or aligners, Propel causes the teeth to move from inside cellular reaction. The process is most effective for older adolescents and adults due to their cellular activity. Here’s how the process works:

  1. Dr. Dorsch will examine your specific situation and isolate the teeth that need to be moved.
  2. After administering a topical anesthetic, Dr. Dorsch will make one to three micro-osteoperforations through the gums and into the jawbone close to the roots of those designated teeth. Dr. Dorsch will determine how deep to make the perforations and use the tool’s built-in depth guide to control how deep the tip penetrates. This procedure only takes a few short minutes to complete.
  3. The body perceives these perforations as a minor injury and this causes the area to be inflamed, releasing molecules called cytokines that signal an immune response and cause osteoclast cells to break down the bone tissue and move the teeth.
  4. With no recovery time, you can resume your normal activities immediately after treatment. You may feel some discomfort around the perforation sites but it should go away in 24-48 hours. It is important not to take any anti-inflammatory medicines such as Advil prior to or after your treatment is this will counteract the desired results.
  5. Dr. Dorsch will monitor your tooth movement for about three months and then determine if any additional perforations are needed.

What Are the Benefits of Propel Technology?

Orthodontists like Dr. Dorsch and his Northland area patients have found several benefits in using the Propel technology.

  • Faster to Beautiful Smile. The most obvious benefit for using Propel, and the one Liberty, Cameron and Kansas City patient’s love most, is the faster treatment time. When using Invisalign treatment, patients normally can change their aligners more often, even as quickly as three days, instead of the normal two week change time. Braces treatment is also expedited as teeth move more quickly.
  • Save money. Along with speeding up treatment time, PROPEL also is one of the least expensive orthodontic acceleration treatments.
  • Targeted. Orthodontists who use Propel like that they can target specific teeth that are challenging to move or that need to move quite a bit further than others. The placement of the perforations can also provide guidance in the direction you want the tooth to move.
  • Versatile. Propel can be used with all types of orthodontic treatments, including all types of braces and Invisalign. It also is proved effective for treating many different types of orthodontic problems including underbite, overbite, crossbite and rotation.
Orthodontist Braces Kansas City MO | Creekwood Orthodontics

Call Today To Find Out If Propel Could Work For You!

Whether you are wanting to get started with braces, Invisalign or other orthodontic treatment, or your treatment is already underway, investigate whether Propel could be right for you. Propel’s innovative approach to moving teeth faster can move you swiftly on your way to straight, healthy teeth and a beautiful, confident smile. Schedule your free consultation with Dr. Dorch today by contacting his conveniently located Kansas City, Liberty or Cameron offices. Dr. Dorsch has been solving orthodontic challenges in Kansas City for more than 30 years. Let him show you how Propel can more quickly close the gaps and straighten your teeth.