Oral Hygiene

Oral Hygiene

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At Creekwood Orthodontics, our mission is to help every patient achieve a healthy, beautiful smile. Dr. Dorsch and our highly trained team of orthodontic specialists work hard to get to know every patient on an individual basis. We strive to design specialized treatment plans that perfectly suit our patients’ unique orthodontic needs. While the treatments we conduct are crucial to a healthy smile, though, they’re not the complete picture – equally important is the care you give your teeth at home.

Oral hygiene is the cornerstone on which a beautiful smile rests, and that goes double when wearing braces. That’s because the cracks and crevices of braces and other orthodontic appliances can be magnets for food particles and bacteria to accumulate, producing acids that can destroy tooth enamel and cause gum disease. To fight that off, you’ll need a rigorous, consistent oral hygiene regimen.

How Often Should You Brush Your Teeth With Braces?

During treatment, you’ll want to brush your teeth four times a day –

  • In the morning after breakfast
  • After lunch or right after school
  • After dinner
  • At bedtime

This is the best way to fight bacterial and plaque build up.

Orthodontist Braces Kansas City MO | Creekwood Orthodontics
Orthodontist Braces Kansas City MO | Creekwood Orthodontics

Flossing while Wearing Braces

Flossing with braces takes time and patience, but there’s good news – you only have to do it once a day, preferably at night before bed. You can use a reusable floss threader to floss under your archwire, or you can buy special, purpose-built “threader floss,” which comes with a stiff end that you can thread under your wire. When flossing around your archwire, don’t be too forceful – you can put too much pressure on it and damage it.

Rinsing with an Antibacterial Mouthwash

We suggest using a hydrogen peroxide antiseptic mouth rinse to reduce inflammation and fight bacteria in your mouth and cheeks. In addition to preventing infection, this helps to decrease irritation from any minor scratches or abrasions you get from your braces. To do this, simply rinse your mouth with two teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide for 60 seconds. You can do it up to 4 times a day, and it’ll make your mouth both cleaner and more comfortable

Orthodontist Braces Kansas City MO | Creekwood Orthodontics
Orthodontist Braces Kansas City MO | Creekwood Orthodontics

Using an Interdental Toothbrush

An interdental toothbrush is a small, pine-tree shaped device that’s perfect for cleaning under your archwire and around brackets. Just be sure to use it carefully to as to avoid damaging your braces.

Topical Fluoride

We may recommend using a sodium fluoride gel during treatment. This gel kills bacteria and replenishes vital minerals in your tooth enamel, making it a great way to prevent tooth decay. To use it, simply apply a small strip to your toothbrush, then brush your teeth for 60 seconds. Spit the gel out, but avoid washing your mouth, eating, or drinking for 30 minutes afterwards – this lets the active ingredient sink into your teeth.

Orthodontist Braces Kansas City MO | Creekwood Orthodontics
Orthodontist Braces Kansas City MO | Creekwood Orthodontics

Cleaning Your Removable Appliance

For removable appliances like retainers or Invisalign, you’ll need to take care to clean and care for them. Brush your appliance every time you take it out or put it in, and soak it daily in a glass of water with a denture-cleaning tablet.

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