How To Fix An Overbite

How To Fix An Overbite

Overbites can not only affect the way you look, they can actually cause health issues down the line. If not fixed, an overbite makes your teeth susceptible to tooth decay, can cause jaw pain, induce snoring/sleep apnea, and can even cause speech impediments. Additionally, the abnormal positioning of your teeth affects the shape of your jawline, the look of your upper lip, and how your cheeks appear. If you’re suffering from an overbite and you’re not sure what can be done, schedule an appointment with Dr. Dorsch. He and our staff will be able to assist you!

What Exactly Is an Overbite?

An overbite is more commonly referred to as a “malocclusion” by orthodontists and dentists. While “occlusion” is a term used to describe correctly aligned teeth, a malocclusion simply means that the patient’s teeth are misaligned in some way. An overbite occurs when the patient’s upper teeth and jaw overlap their lower jaw and teeth in a considerable manner. Because of the placement of the upper jaw and upper teeth, people who experience overbites have jutted upper lips and cheeks whose appearance looks sunken. After an overbite has been corrected, the patient’s appearance will change and their face will have a more balanced look.

Can an Overbite Be Fixed?

Overbites appear for a variety of reasons. They can be due to genetic reasons (inherited from past family members), they can occur because of environmental factors (sucking your thumb, chewing on nails, overuse of pacifier, etc.), and can even be caused by oral conditions such as TMJ (Temporomandibular joint dysfunction). Fortunately for us, the orthodontic field has made advancements that make fixing an overbite possible. Depending on your age and the status of your teeth, an overbite can be fixed by removing teeth, traditional braces, wearing a retainer, or, in extreme cases, oral surgery.

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If you or a loved one is suffering from an overbite and would like to fix the alignment of your teeth in order to address or prevent symptoms such as jaw pain or sleep apnea, contact our offices today to schedule an appointment. We invite you to come in for any overbite-related questions or any other orthodontic treatments you may be interested in. See you soon!