Creekwood Orthodontics Improves The Patient Experience With Office Renovations

Creekwood Orthodontics Improves The Patient Experience With Office Renovations

Many take notice of Dr. John Dorsch for his long-time ownership of the Creekwood Orthodontics practice and for being one of the best orthodontists in the Northland. Now they will also notice the exceptional renovations he has completed in both his Cameron and, most recently, his Liberty orthodontic offices.

Dr. Dorsch has always been committed to providing the very best and latest orthodontic treatment techniques for his patients. Now he and his staff are providing braces and other treatments with the most comfortable and convenient patient equipment available and in an atmosphere that reflects the personality of Dr. Dorsch.

In 2015, Dr. Dorsch purchased the large office building where his Liberty practice had been located for 25 years, next to Liberty High School on Highway 291. Working with a chosen designer and orthodontic equipment specialist, Dr. Dorsch gutted and remodeled his existing office and the common areas of the building transforming them into patient-centered, modern, efficient working spaces. The article bye Goetze Dental outlines the process Dr. Dorsch went through to transform his Liberty Creekwood Orthodontics location.

The new space optimizes the space in a more efficient manner, offers a better experience for both employees and patients and it builds a stronger brand for Creekwood Orthodontics. Having recently remodeled the Cameron office, Dr. Dorsch had some ideas on what worked best. He extended the waiting room seating to allow for patients families, designed an open area of patient stations and created a private examination room in his office for initial consultations with patients and their parents. The employees love the beautiful new kitchen and dining area to make them feel at home while at work. And, one of the most noticeable additions is the large signage on the outside of the building letting everyone know that Dr. Dorsch’s orthodontic practice is located inside.

There’s no doubt now that anyone needing an orthodontist in Liberty knows where to find one. And, once patients step inside the beautifully remodeled office, they won’t want to go anywhere else.